Shared by mikeythepikey on October 27, 2015

WeAreTheTreacleArmy we organised an survivor games event in dayz and this is my perspective, it was brilliants playing this such amazing streamers. Cant wait to do it again !

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Sorry about the audio sync issue in the video something to do with the recording software i suppose sorry again ENJOY

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Everyone in the event GO CHECK THEM OUT !

MikeythePikey94 & Inherwake

PITTSNIPER & TheGreatBambi

ExoticKitten & SilenceSheldonCooper

YorkshirePuddingTV & Peebro

F_ckingFriendly & Soup006

SubSoldier101 & ZekkenPVP

OGClownShoe & MisticRaven


HumdrumOrange3 & LaceyB

MadFinPawss & Hazza141

EdButtHards & Mikee2Shu