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A video made for the faction ”The Well Wishers” on /r/DayzUnderground

About the Well Wishers:
”Made up of former farm hands, butchers, and common townsfolk, we tried our best to continue to live off the land when the infection hit. After securing a secluded hillside, we established a small community for survivors. For years, we were able to sustain our community through the efforts of our farm, and livestock breeding.

It all changed in a flash. A fortnight ago a dozen zombies followed a stray goose onto our quiet hillside and before the night was over, a score of men had fallen and our livestock scattered or killed. As hunger grew and supplies diminished, a plan to move was initiated. We traveled south to Guglovo, only to find the city looted clean, it’s occupants dead. The men and women could go no farther; this was the end of the line. A few died of exhaustion in their sleep, and many considered them fortunate. At sunrise, several men and women wasted no time, gnawing at the raw flesh off their fallen comrades like a dog on a bone. At first the sight was horrifying, but before long there was no other choice. In time, the hunger united us.

And now it was time to move again. Hunger had graduated to greed, and it was time to eat again. In honor of our fallen saviors, 10 steaks were left at the well of the city as a gift for the next group of unfortunate travelers. As we marched east where we had heard the infection was less severe, we wondered what the next traveler would decide. Regardless, we are glad we are able to offer a choice.

The Well Wishers claim no territory. We offer no protection. Our only honor and code is to our word.

All our kills and dead comrades will be skinned, quartered, and cooked. All uneaten steaks will be left at drinking wells across Chernarus, ready for consumption.”

“Keystone Deluge” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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