Shared by camcantrun on January 19, 2016

The Way It Should Be (Ep.2) – Savage Apocalypse

After getting back from a weekend away I started fresh on the coast of Prigodorki. After a good amount of time running through the Apartments of Dubky, Chapevsk, and Novoselky. While in Novoselky I heard lots of mosin shots and found myself a dead body with nothing on it. I stayed aware and moved on.

Eventually I found a Red-9 and moved towards the Balota airfield. That’s where this picks up as I believe I spot the two men possibly guilty for the previous dead man in Novoselky.

Looking back on the footage there is really no way to determine if these guys were guilty or not, and I kinda feel bad for going at them so savage like. Regardless, enjoy.

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