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    DayZ was never meant to be finished after just 1 or 2 years of development

  • I just think that the devs need some credit. Sure the game is still broken and whatever, but have you guys looked at where dayz was just 1 year ago til where it is now. Some pretty amazing changes happened, and the coming changes to DayZ look awesome. One cannot say the devs are lazy, cause if you look at all the work they are actually doing, the development of all stuff coming (helicopters/motorcycles/weapons/mechanics/artwork and newer items etc) then you’ll see that these guys are doing a lot of background work, and soon we’ll just see thing jammed into patches. I understand why it’s taking so long, rebuilding to newer engine and so on and I am willing to wait till it’s done, BUT there is just one thing I’d like to see more of and that is some HOT FIXES to fix just the little things that fuck up the game. Hot fixes to eliminate swimmers, then glitchable structures and then really permanently ban players caught hacking (even just eliminate hack mags). Got to start punishing ruthless players to make a statement. I got very close to 3000hrs on DayZ and I’m Not gonna stop playing for a long time, BUT I’ve seen many a people leaving this game just because of hackers and glitchers, so please Devs just do something about them. You guys already fixed the swimmers on experimental, so just drag that into a stable hot fix and the DayZ world will already turn into a better place even if it’s just a little . I’m not entirely happy with all things, but the improvement from where DayZ was til now is so massive that I can see some great things in the near future.

  • I want to see anyone who makes a videogame in 1 or 2 years!
    GtaV= 5 years
    Fallout4= 7 years
    And so on!

  • [quote] I want to see anyone who makes a videogame in 1 or 2 years!
    GtaV= 5 years
    Fallout4= 7 years [/quote]

    The difference there is that no one was paying and playing those games years before it was supposed to be finished hell hardly anyone played their beta’s never mind their alpha’s.

    DayZ’s development should be a lot faster given the bulk of the work is already done, in fact I have always suspected that all the new models and art their doing, half of it does not need done and its only being worked on as a means to show us that *Something* is being done.

    Personally I cant play it any more due to the ever falling frame rates my rig just cant keep up now which is a shame, but I also feel I got my value out of the purchase so im not bitter about it.

    I do think I wont ever buy into another alpha again it’s just not worth it in the long run, even if I was still able to play the game by the time it gets into an RC version I will have already been burnt out on it.

  • Your 1300 hours are the bonus hours in alpha stage.
    Wait for beta or 1.0 and all come back.

    About the hackers, at the end of each patch you have more hackers. They will fix it.

  • Game is dead?
    I have only played 10 hours.
    I start to play in version 1.0.

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    The funny thing, that some people still get mad when you tell them that dayz devs are laziest ever ! wake the f up people

  • I really have no clue on how modding works but if fixing swimmers isn’t taking more than a couple of hour to patch then they are lazy fools