Shared by Bob Diggler on October 27, 2015

Explorative, Cautious and Prepared. This are all traits I have employed with Alex – my current DayZ character. I felt I needed to explain this, and what you are watching are my efforts to look after Alex after recent adventures.
I’ve had Alex for quite a few weeks now and I’ve grown fond of him. We’ve had many adventures together.
My play style is explorative, but with caution. I believe it’s important to look after your character, and plan ahead for whatever adventure you looking for. You should always be prepared. A basic example is to always carry either a morphine injector or a splint. Or always carry at least 3 cans of food and a full canteen – because blood loss and broken limbs are a consequence of DayZ life.
People who have watched my videos on YouTube know that I rarely, if ever, start a gun fight – but I know how to finish one.
I also prefer to play on high population servers, because I believe it’s the player interaction that makes the game what it is.
But remember, betrayal is common in DayZ – that ‘friendly’ player who you befriended on the coast may or may not take his shotgun to your head the next time you drop your guard.

Trust no one, be prepared and stay alive.

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