Shared by Atlas1080p on February 20, 2014

I was playing solo when the following happened:

I had just entered Berezino from the north east (approach from Khelm) when i noticed that a guy was running very close to me holding an m4. I decided to sprint for the new apartment buildings using buildings and fences as cover. Midway before entering the apartment building a zombie took notice of me and followed me with a certain delay inside the building i had just taken shelter. The guy obviously noticed the zombie and
pinpointed my location. Over time its revealed that at least 4 men were outside the building (one of them you can’t hear in the video because i didn’t manage to record everything). The footage, took place in a period of over 40 minutes in what i like to call ‘the siege’ or the ‘cold war’ since nothing happened in that period. Until i unfortunately had to leave since i was running extremely late (no combat logging).