Shared by true_colors on July 31, 2015

Like the video if you are glad I brought back some more unedited, gameplay commentary in the mod DayZ Epoch! Dislike the video if you do not care for such things.

After my last Hunter series, I have come to realize what a security risk it is to run around with a high recoil, loud and low damage machine gun all the time. I decide to return to the roots of my commentary and gameplay: sniping. Follow the series as I begin my epic hunt for a DMR and then so begins my epic destruction of all things living. This gameplay footage is all 100% unedited on random servers for the mod Epoch, I hope to catch you in the wild!

Download epoch here:

Intro is a collab done by me and SHOULD I LIQ of the Crunch Army! Check his Youtube out here:

Song is Fountains by Sinkhole!

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