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I drink it up! Did you think your song and dance and your superstition would help you, Eli? I am the Third Revelation! I am who the Lord has chosen! …I’m finished.
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    Can you teach me your ways of Finding tents? I always go up north, and I travel to the empty tisy base in the North west corner of the map and I just don’t get how you find all these tents master…

  • Behind miskino and the militairy Tents and them to the right of the millitairy Tents over the Hill

  • Het is ok jongens ik begrijp het dat jullie wat gefrustreerd reageren gezien dat de boel daar bij jullie onder water staat maar hé kop op en adem blijven halen komt alles weer goed…ach en anders maar niet zoveel verliezen we er toch niet aan.

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      No need to feel self–conscious and use your native language. Your English is actually pretty good. Lucky for you, I’m a great translator. Uhem… “It’s ok guys I understand that you are frustrated that respond seen some things there with you underwater state but hey head and breathing will continue to get up for … oh and not much else but we lose not there anyway.”. No need to thank me. 🙂

  • Haha Nice i found this camp before you and wrote that note i despawnd everything there was Some Nice gear in there. The Camps location is behind miskino to the right of it hahaha never thought i see this on Nice the for posting it lol.

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      I don’t believe you despawned everything. Who finds a camp like that with, by your own admission, “Some Nice gear in there” and throws it all on the floor. The video is pretty straightforward, actually.

      You found this raider’s camp -> he found the note you left -> he followed the trail of barrels and civilian tents you used to hop the “Nice gear” to another server (Another dutch server…probably) -> he found the car tents you used (all that “Nice gear” must require a lot of inventory space) -> he took it back.
      His previous raid videos show the loot he takes so it wouldn’t exactly be difficult to match it up. The car tents and barrels were all packed to full capacity and in the same spot as the civilian tents.

      Ladies and gentlemen of the court of public opinion, I put it to you that “The dutch”, in his excitement over finding such a large camp with “Some Nice gear”, left behind a trail of evidence that could and was used against him, ultimately. I put it to you that this is merely a poorly conceived attempt to save face among this fine community by claiming responsibility for the raid at the beginning of the video and while not denying, completely neglecting the raid at the end. He wants to sound as if he likes the video but for some reason hasn’t “liked” it yet (going on 10 hours). I put it to you, ladies and gentlemen, that he can’t bring himself to without becoming violently ill over the thoughts of what could have been.

  • Behind miskino and the militaire Tents camp to the right over the Hill.

  • Lol i dont care if you believe it or not the poster knows this was on a nl server 2-19 there was plenty of gear in it yes and yes i despawd everything we have already the most of the gear that was in there this is way i also play dayz to find these kind of camp and take what i need and them despawn everything i also play bandit style i love it i would love to see to look on the camp owners faces when they see the Tents.. going like the camp is stil here yes…..only to find that it has been looted lol so lady,s and Gents of the court i dont care if you sentince me or not WE HAD OUR FUN…….

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      My receptionist told me you may need an attorney. Let me do the talking, The dutch. Ladies and gentlemen of the court of public opinion, my client may not be able to speak English so well as it’s not his 1st language but I think the message he’s trying to convey is crystal clear.

      Fact 1: He found a camp with “Some Nice gear”. Yes he left a poorly written and uninspired note to be found by the poster on server NL-19. Yes he left a trail of barrels and civilian tents behind that you can see for yourself in the video above. And yeah. He may have server hopped to another NL server at the end of that trail. No one is disputing that much but I do want to stress that him and his helpers had FUN in big capital letters spending all that time moving “Some Nice Gear”. Very important to keep that in mind. Which brings me to…
      Fact 2: Now my client, in your eyes, may or may not be a reliable source of information seeing as he’s already told you he despawned everything when he now says he didn’t but please have a heart. He has a reputation in this wonderful community and only wishes to protect it from thugs like this MeatGhost fella. And that was the only thing he lied about. I promise.

      Here’s what I know. This knucklehead and I’m sorry, The dutch, but that’s what you are, he did a dumb thing. I’m not denying that. He was out one Saturday night with some honor student friends, stumbled upon a camp, and in having FUN for a few hours moving the loot from point “A” to point “B” he left a trail of evidence that can be observed both in the video and by anyone who gives a shit. I don’t think
      he deserves to have his bright future ruined by a momentary, minute never to be repeated, lapse of judgement. Ladies and gentleman…you’re bigger than that.