Shared by Blundon on September 19, 2014

Tired of hackers and cheaters, we decide to go from Heros to KOS blood thirsty bandits for the last few days before the HIVE reset. Many were slain for the better good!

The first Highlight reel for my DayZ Purge series. Such a great idea that has spread across the internet 🙂

FEATURING: LastM4nStanding, Jacedafaceis, Zooti3, Vibration NC, Relentless, MrGlock420, The Welsh Wizard, Raiden208, Steve Danger, ButterKnifeBandi, Tantrum, KMA, RecklessWolf, SeeJay_DZ, Jazz, SNKY_NES, GreenySmiley, Safari Chick, Jas DayZDrifter and soooo many more I can’t remember, please forgive me if I forgot you it’s been chaos 🙂