Shared by GeneralCrust on January 31, 2016

Opening Crawl (Which, I now realize I totally should have done in the video proper, but, well, fuck me I guess.)

The Cult has been betrayed! Sacha, the “Minotaur”, has sold his brother Raksasha out to Major Tex, commander of the Brotherhood of FIRE.

With aid from “Wolves” of the Black Paw, and stalwart Duty Guardsmen, Raksasha is to be handed over to the Brotherhood, for interrogation, sample withdraw, and execution.

Claiming it is in the name of Science, they invite Noon, the Surgeon… A man whom many would prefer to see dead.

Suspicious of their offer, the Surgeon contacts GeneralCrust, who, along with ShiftySC, and Raz, devise a plan of retribution, should the Surgeon meet his end.

Shifty’s youtube:

Raz…has no youtube, only but a potato to game upon.

Music: Darkness Speaks, Kevin McLeod, CC 4.0 or something.

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