Shared by Blundon on September 19, 2014

The Night Crew Chronicles – EP 1 – I almost SVET myself 🙂

The first episode of my series “The Night Crew Chronicles” which follows me and the best group of guys ever, on our funny, intense and strange adventures in Chernarus.

This EP: The Reckless Rescue, The Svet Slaughter and other good times 🙂

FEATURING: LastM4nStanding, Jacedafaceis, Zooti3, Vibration NC, Relentless, Raiden208, Tantrum, KMA, Mr. Glock420, RecklessWolf, SeeJay_DZ, Jazz, SNKY_NES, Jas DayZDrifter and soooo many more I can’t remember, please forgive me if I forgot you it’s been chaos 🙂

Starting to share on DayZTV now as well:
I also stream on twitch from time to time:

HUGE THANKS to everyone who has subbed and supported me in starting this new adventure, and as always HUGE HUGE thanks to THE NIGHT CREW! I love al of you guys, thanks for taking me in and being the coolest group of dudes I have ever met!