Shared by X-Form on August 12, 2015

The Grave Robbers and the Forsaken have formed another formidable alliance to maintain control of the lands of Chernarus. I William Kohen have caught up between these two groups with one clear choice join or most likely be on the end of their barrel, I made the clear and more favorable choice.
Poor Winston Snoot, snoop gahhh I don’t care what his name was the man in black and stuttered like a child was clearly just in the wrong place at the wrong time and happened to wake up in the middle of known bandits chowing down on a previous victim.
After we let that tortured stuttering soul go (only after were left him a few scars to remember us by) we went home and I had a delightful drink of gasoline and slept like a baby.

Ps. All those who oppose the might of El Presidente Mickey Knocks will die in a hale storm of bullets and profanity… long live our new world order.

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