Shared by PureBritish on October 23, 2016

Me and some friends try the DayZ Standalone 0.60 on stable! Good to know stuff still disappears when you drop it on the ground 😀 We hold some people up and murder some others. Overall it was a good day 🙂

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I check out the new DayZ Standalone patch which supposedly dramatically increases FPS with the new renderer and the results are phenomenal! Makes gameplay awesome! Shame a lot of the bugs are still presents 😀

Pretty much highest settings with I7 6700 and GTX 970
Avg fps in cities = 40-60
Avg fps in country side = 80-120

Song #1 – Downforce by thesecession
Song #2 – Elegance by Jonathan Heath Beam
Song #3 – Impossible is Nothing by thesecession
Song #4 – Warm Shadows by Fink

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