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This is what real RPing should be like, and this is a perfect example of how you can have fun in a game that has endless possibilities. I worked really hard on this one guys, and i hope you guys appreciate that! PLEASE bare with me, the quality will get better. Nothing pains me more than getting fps drops in cities where all the fun is at, and I would love to have a beautiful pc to make amazing looking videos, but I cant yet. I hope you guys can understand I do this as a hobby, while I study full-time engineering (extremely hard ofcourse), making it difficult to spend time and money on building my dream pc. I am saving up currently, but to give you guys better looking videos, i’ll need to save up for a while as my overly priced degree is depleting my funds 🙁

Hope you guys understand! And nevertheless, I love you all, and I love DayZ!

Dont forget – The Road series every sunday! and between 1 and 4 videos during the weekdays (depending on how busy I am)

I hope you guys like this video and give it a big thumbs up!
Love you all! Thanks for the support like always!

feel free to leave a comment including some tips or even feedback on what you thought was good/bad in the video!

If you could sub, that would be great as it does help me a lot, it tells me that i should keep making more videos!

Love you all! Peace!

Big Thanks to for the great music! Please check out his channel. This guy is Amazing!

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