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I laugh my ass off and experience one of the strangest spontaneous events of my DayZ career. There will be blood, a sacrificial cult, holy intervention, resurrection, and lols. Welcome to the Cult of BaNan!

Join me as I laugh my way through a random encounter with a Twitch live streamer by the name of Peebro in DayZ standalone who has rallied survivors to his side, to form a cult in a post-apocalyptic zombie wasteland. Together, we turn to our only hope and savior in this time of dark despair and tragedy. And offer our SACRIFICES to the BaNan, in the hope that it will forever bestow upon us the comforting glow of almighty banana-ry salvation! ALL HAIL THE BANANE!

The BaNan is voiced by You should check out his streams. He’s awesome.

In this series: Snipers, glitches, mob mentality, camaraderie, funny moments, stupid stuff, a mole, and of course, BaNans, lots and lots of BaNans.

Cult members:

Thankyou to all the below!
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