Shared by rebellion on February 6, 2016

DayZ 0.59 Standalone

This cheating scum bag respawned and got back to my location at his body in 63 seconds…Wow! 30s sec respawn and 30s to kill me!

I’ve called him the “63 second cheater” because you will see I hit with a lethal shot at 1m05s and at 2m08s is when you see me getting hit with an axe just before I got shot by an SVD (of all weapons!).

Recorded on DayZ Dal 4-088 official server just above Dubky flats where a large number of tents were set up on and around the apartment complex. Im guessing this player was raping all the gear from those tents and placing it into these ones. When I eventually got back to this location with reinforcement the pussy had managed to move everything to (obviously) a different server. As you will see in the player list he had no name just a “.” (period) for his name…this pussy was too chicken to identify himself on server.

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