Shared by cake on April 14, 2013

This week I’m kicking off a new series called Taking the Cake with some gameplay on Tavania in Dayz. Late last night I was stalking a bandit around one of the map’s larger towns after he rudely tried to murder me, and luckily I was recording the whole thing!

In general this series will focus on moments or set pieces that really exemplify the spirit of a given game, with minimal editing and less commentary than normal. The idea here is to both give people a sense of how a game actually looks and plays in action, and to let me get some videos out there quickly and easily between regular cakewalks. (Which take longer to record and produce)

Hopefully you enjoy it, and as always please feel free to leave any suggestions or requests in the comments!

Note: While playing I accidentally left my microphone recording, hence the occasional click or keystroke in the video. I will disable that for next time.