Shared by Sobieski12 on May 19, 2015

After fighting the undead survivors at green mountain. I headed east to the village of “Pogorevka” to get basic supplies and hopefully get some ammo since I am very limited due to only having three shots. Decided I should double check “Green Mountain” to see if I can find some shotgun ammo… But I found something else.

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    damn son i really like your style play man. been following you on Youtube for some time now. and i try always not to kill ppl that i rob but im not that calm and their not that coop, so s# goes bad very fast ahah. awesome content you got dude. thumbs up. peeace

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    Maybe he did know the area and wasn’t sure you were be going to be so friendly. To be honest though i have over 1300 hours and have only been to green mountain twice, which i forced myself to go because i had never been. Maybe some people are like me and still haven’t gone..