Shared by Happybro on August 21, 2014

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There was violent altercation at Friendly’s Nightclub in eastern Svetlojarsk last night. The Chernarus Police Force has yet to confirm if the notorious villain Kony was killed.

Dan Corridor from Svetlojarsk News brings you the latest news from Chenarus.

Original Music by: xTheEndOfTimex
Original Lyrics by: Kony
Edited by: Draffurd

Links to the featured videos:
The Bandits Trailer:
Behind The Scenes Of Friendly:
Prize, Suprise, Demise 5:

Special Thanks to Friendly In Cherno for hosting an incredible Flashmob and to Crimtide, Lycku and Impishframe for making it run smoothly!
Make sure to join the Flash Mob here:

Thanks to Jam Jar for having inviting Draffurd to Prize, Suprise Demise!

Thanks to Commandoflauge and Snakefist Explosion. They both make amazing videos!

A big thanks to Kony for always making us laugh!

Voice acting credits: Kony, Commandoflauge, Friendly In Cherno, xTheEndOfTimex, Larry Mihlon

Thanks to all our GEO friends for their continued support. ChefZed, Saba, BimmerHue. You guys rock!

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