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This video is gameplay footage of the highly anticipated follow up game DayZ to the popular Arma 2 DayZ Mod. It follows the Survivor Rhinocrunch and his band of merry Bandits who traverse the land of Chernarus plus. All gameplay footage is 100% organic real experiences that is unscripted. The cuts are to maximize your viewing pleasure. The game, DayZ Standalone is currently in the early Alpha release on Steam as well on the Bohemia Interactive site. You can buy it here on Steam:

or you can get DayZ Standalone directly from the Bohemia here:

I just want to mention that for those who stuck around my channel all the drama and horse dingy dew I caused against other Youtubers and the Developer himself, I do apologize. This is an epic game and I am having a blast playing it!

And please, check out Josh Woodwards epic music @

Finally, check out Sgt. Sanbourne’s Perspective here:

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