Shared by iamzani on July 26, 2014

Whats up guys I present to you a new series! A new kinda survival game I made for myself. I have to stay alive for 60 minutes in a city or a hotspot (like Eastern Airfield) on a high pop server. Ill show you guys 6 minutes an episode and its up to you guys to guess in what episode I will go down, or will I survive?
Hope you guys enjoy this new series!
Much love


Artist: TeknoAXE
– Breaching The Gates
– Mission Objectives

Song: End Game
Artist: Per Kiilstofte (machinimasound)

Artist: White comic
Song: This aint the end of me

I only ask one thing from you, BE ENTERTAINED!
Intro song
How Its Supposed To Be Done – Marques Kincaid

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