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Here’s a list of awesome communities that you can support, please add links to other communities in the comments to this video!! Now, more than ever, they need our support!!

DayZ Down Under:
Dayz Underground:
The Dayz Village:
Good Vs Evil:
Spaggie (TRMZ/The Village/Toperec community Servers):
The Chipotle Bandits:
SOS Clan:
DayZ RP:
Trumps Wall:

These (and other) communities spend a lot of time managing these awesome private servers where they keep on top of hackers, glitchers and also organise some epic events and prizes as well for the community, so please, if you can, support them back as well.

Ciao for Now!

Intro/Outro Artwork designed my Gael Level
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Suddenly – Otis McDonald

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My Heart Levitates – Johan Glossner feat. Frigga

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  • Should take trumps off this list since they DDos dupe and hack on their own server and others. Replace them with DayZ Noobs, Im an active player on that server. They have one admin whos on it all the time and has done all the work since it went up. Until Trumps started ddosing them they were #1 for MONTHS.

    • To add to my comment, pipsi TCB and spaggie are all amazing communities with great staff.along with noobs with it’s single admin.

      Trumps Wall along with being a ddoser they dupe and hack on their own modded/legit servers and have been banned on the other servers listed in your list.

      When I said “Modded/legit” servers above, they have 2 420 style servers which are illegal because 62 files are not officially released because that will only happen in .63. So supporting them is supporting stealing. Their staff are immature and childish. I killed the admins while they were duping on their server, and I got banned from their server and discord for killing them while they were “Working on something.”

  • To add to my comment, Trumps Wall also has modded servers which are currently (Since it’s still 62 with no server files officially arent released.

    Pipsi spaggie TCB are all amazing servers along with Noobs, I’ve played on all of them and wonderful admins and staff. Trumps Wall is filled with shitlords who hack and dupe on their own server(s) and have been banned on TCB and Noobs for doing it there too. Believe Pipsi has all trumps staff banned aswell.

  • Currently illegal* Have to make new post since there isn’t an edit post option, sorry for the spam.

  • DayZ Noobs server isn’t here, but Trumps is? Considering trumps has been basically bullying noobs, I feel like that’s a little odd.