Shared by Neggatron on August 26, 2018

“Pinky and me are hunting Humans”

Pinky and me just finished looting a Town and just wanted to go on minding our Business. Then we heard Shots from a nearby Town and we decided to take a look at it whats going on over there. As we managed to reach the nothern Hill of the Town we spottet 1 Player with an orange Bagpack. I decided to push town the Treeline until I reach the walls of the Church standing a little bit away from the rest of the Town. Pinky then spottet an other Player with a Paydaymask. Both having orange Armbands. As both of them reached the very last Houses of the Town, I decided to push and Kill at least one of them. I was sure until I have the Attention of the Second one, Pinky would manage to sneak up behind him, and take him out. Or get his Attention then, so I could take a Shot. All in All just watch the Video ^^ But I was thinking maybe Someone is interested in what the Idea and purpose of this Attack was. Hope you Guys enjoy this Video!!