Shared by iamjohnconnor on October 2, 2016

Ok peeps just a little disclaimer, I am in no way affiliated to this server or the player in the video.

The reason I am uploading it is I think it offers a little hint of what might be possible when DayZ comes out of beta and Steam workshop is available.
What you see is some kid playing on a modded Dayz server where you spawn at the northwest airfield fully hydrated and energised with a random load-out of
backpacks,vest, guns, ammo, mines & grenades etc. You will notice when you die there is a 5 second re-spawn & you will also notice that the airfield has a hotel, construction and other buildings added to it. Now I know this goes against all the natural survival roots of the game but there are also survival variations of this server
where everybody spawns in a random city with a car and pistol and nothing else.

These server owners have obviously got their hands on the server files for 0.60 DayZ and it’s not something
I suggest any viewers of this video seek out as I would imagine Bohemia Interactive wouldn’t be too happy about you playing on these servers. I put this up as it was the foundation for some
interesting discussions between myself and my friends during the week about the endless possibilities ahead for DayZ when peoples imaginations can become a reality through Steam workshop & DayZ.