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Greetings Survivors!

The team has been crunching away on our last blockers for stable release, as well as working on values for loot distribution. Tomorrow morning we should see our (hopeful) final experimental release hit Steam, which will be tested over the weekend. Assuming we notice no new issues, we’re hoping to hit stable branch on Monday or Tuesday next week.

The only issue we currently see as a blocker on experimental (0.58.128852) is visually represented as “floating loot” currently caused by an issue with items that have been “swapped” by players. (Most commonly seen as loot floating above deer stands, police stations, etc). As mentioned above, tomorrow should see an experimental push that will see this resolved – and this build will be tested over the weekend to see its viability for Stable Branch.

While this fix has been underway, we’ve been dialing in the balance for non perishable food, firearms, and military loot. Currently, the highest quantity and priority in the economy is given to non perishable food goods. (Tuna, Beans, Rice, etc). With civilian pistols being the most common firearm, followed by civilian rifles such as the trumpet, blaze, IZH43 Shotgun, and so on. Military loot is distributed across all military points across the map, mostly of which are up in the Northern areas. Military grade firearms are relatively rare, and there is no guarantee that visiting the military bases will yield you the weapon you want. With most items on a 30 minute timer (without being “refreshed” by being manipulated by players) – getting fully kitted up as a “military” player with all the gear you want could take some time.

Super Rare items (M4A1, Steyr Aug, SVD, and so on) that spawn on dynamic events operate on an even rarer chance. Dynamic events have a varied pool of potential items that can spawn, with only 3 active helicopter wrecks at any given time – and an approximate 4 hour clean up, continued hunting will be required to find that super rare weapon or item you are seeking.
Please keep in mind, we are now fully able to update quantities and rarity without requiring an update – so if we should see issues with loot concentration, or quantity once .58 hits stable branch, we will be able to address this rapidly.

Fortunately, players can now create camps and store their supplies and weapons at them during their treks across Chernarus. Different containers / objects have different lifetimes. Currently, they operate as follows:

  • Medium Tent (Pitched): 45 Days
  • Military Tent (Pitched): 45 Days
  • Car Tent (Pitched): 45 Days
  • Barrels: 45 Days
  • Ammo Boxes: 45 Days
  • Protector Cases: 45 Days
  • Backpacks (All types): 3 Days

Current functionality on experimental does not allow for refreshing the lifetime of an object without picking it up, so tents and barrels were set to a lifetime that will cover the time to .59 + some safety room in case of .59 stable blockers. Once .59 is pushed to stable, we will support the refresh of a base objects lifetime via interacting with it (moving, placing, picking up any item inside it) – which will operate as follows:

  • Medium Tent (Pitched): 7 Days
  • Military Tent (Pitched): 7 Days
  • Car Tent (Pitched): 7 Days
  • Barrels: 7 Days
  • Ammo Boxes: 7 Days
  • Protector Cases: 7 Days
  • Backpacks (All types): 3 Days

This system will also allow for the refreshing of advanced basebuilding objects, once they are implemented.
Speaking of advanced base building – I’ll be speaking at RTX 2015 in Austin, Texas on Saturday, August 8th at 5:30 PM to discuss a recap of things covered at E3 2015, what we’d like to do with advanced base building, what soft skills means exactly, and show the new vehicles coming in 0.59. For those unable to make it, we’ll be providing the presentation + audio in the Status Report following the event (Wednesday, August 12th).

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    This is going to be so awesome when 0.58 hits stable.

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    what the life-time system for the tents and stuff should be like (if their 45 day system is kept)
    is they should have visual representations of the object decaying (pristine, damage, ruined, etc) this will let the player know what stage their object is up to in life, but with that, it would need to have a way of UNIQUELY repairing the object giving it a few more days of life until it needs major repairs again, this will not only
    a. encourage players to come back online and play
    b. encourage exploration of the world to find repairs for the object
    c. have a sense of ownership of their object
    d. add a bit more realism to the life cycle of the object (an object doesn’t just disappear, it slowly decays then dies)

    *on a side note
    if tent, it should be repairable WITH the objects still in it, don’t want to be taking objects out then putting them back in just to repair a tent 😀

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    Im confused. Does this mean wednesday server maintenances wont affect tents now? Will they stay up past maintenance with out getting deleted?

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    Just let the lifetime be at least 30 days and add a funktion were you can refresh the timer without emtying the tent take it into your hand and plays it again.

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    PERSISTEEEEEEENCE! Finally a reason for me to go back to this game! No more losing half the items you had stored in your camp because you have to leave them behind to carry the tent on server maintenance!

  • They are making a huge mistake, cause base building is the one major thing and what everyone wanted to work properly, it’ll be the same as getting deleted on every Wednesday, cause we have to empty the whole thing and place it again and put all things just to make sure that it dosn’t disappear, that is stupid and a big pain in the ass. Cause we don’t always stay in our base, we may go somewhere on the 6th or 7th day and die then to reach the base it’ll take hours+ most of the time i have to give my bro the computer or he will kill me… this may not happen to many people, but i know few in those situations, So i believe everytime we die we don’t have time to go to our bases straightly. That’s why that feature is such a pain in the ass. Plus if we gather many things, how do we get to know hey this ones 3days old or that one is 6days old,everyday we have empty and fill our containers just to make sure they don’t disappear… this is gonna be a big loss on Dayz…. still I’m a crazy fan… and this is my dream game so i wont stop playing it no matter what… but i know there are people who are gonna leave this game just for that..very sure. {this maybe an essay more than a comment XD}