Shared by SepticFalcon on April 30, 2015

Brian Hicks: Lead Producer

Greetings Survivors,

As expected, work continues towards securing a 0.56 build for experimental branch. With the core remaining tasks being focused on closing major bugs with the systems changes core to 0.56 the design, art, and environment teams have also had time to slip some fun and interesting content into the update.

Coming up next week we’re looking at the audio team taking a trip out to capture new sounds for our list of 1.0 land vehicles, and this week Andrej our Audio Designer continues work on the new infected sound effects. As well on the audio front, as we move forward with 2015 – we’re looking again at how we approach the volume and impact of gun shot sounds. Our aim and intent by 1.0 is for the audio side of discharging a fire arm to be a psuedo traumatic event. Gun shots should be -loud-, and your concern prior and post firing off a shot ideally would be “Who/What might have heard me?”. This will be an ongoing task, but one I’m excited to see evolve.

With 0.56 comes some changes to how long range optics are mounted on our hunting rifles, Assoc. Art Director Chris Torchia posted several renders and screenshots of the current status as well as went into brief detail about what we’re looking at. With the original long range optic being phased out in favor of a new 12x hunting optic, with proper mounting to attach to the Winchester M70, Blaze 95, CR 527, and Sporter 22. Moving forward, the Mosin Nagant will support the PU scope only (within the basic attachments).

Our Environment Lead, Senchi has been working on several changes to Chernarus + for 0.57 and on – but looking at 0.56 we’ll be seeing the new Village Potraviny (Store) placed across the map, as well as a refactoring of some of the key police station locations along the coastal regions. In addition, time allowing – we will see some small changes to the iconic Stary Sobor barn location as well.

Not too much to report this week as again, the team is focused primarily on prepping 0.56 for the Experimental (Unstable) Branch and later on the Stable (Main) Branch update.

Stay safe out there folks

SMoss: Community Manager

With april coming to a close, we are both happy as well as grateful to see that we received a really nice amount of bugs from you guys. On the Feedback Tracker we can see that Darcion did very nice in terms of filing plenty of bugs, however, quite a bit of those were duplicates, so for this month we’ll go with Zyryanoff as the bug hunter for april.

Other than that, it was a good effort Darcion, and we appreciate it!

While Zyryanoff did not necessarily submit the largest amount of bugs to the team, we did receive a good handful of nice bugs that we could add to our database.


Going forwards, we hope that you guys will keep helping us out with testing DayZ as development progresses. As mentioned, players that submit bugs from DayZ will get the chance of appearing in the Special Thanks section of the credits once DayZ goes into full release.

Remember, that all bugs can be filed on the Feedback Tracker and while doing so, please remember to perform a search before filing your bugs so as to avoid duplicate tickets. Thanks again everyone!

Standup Notes for the week of 29 Apr 15

(Note: Standup notes are not a change log – they are a quick high level look at tasks the teams worked on throughout this week)

  • Inventory refactorization
  • Dynamic Events
  • Vehicle Transmission bugfixing
  • Vehicle wheels simulation improvements
  • Adv. Loot Distro Bugfixing
  • Player Statistics
  • Character Controller
  • 3rd Person Camera
  • Network Desync
  • New Damage Sys.
  • Crash Fixes


  • Mauser Red 9 Anims
  • Ladder Animations
  • Infected crawling state animations
  • Gesture Implementation on new Anim Sys
  • 4X4 Hatchback Animations

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