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Latest W.I.P Models Preview

Now the 0.58 update has been released on stable branch, work will kick off on 0.59. That said, there are a few things we’d like you all to know.

  • First off, if you are a server renter – make sure to familiarize yourself with the updated server rules: Public server hosting rules, Private server hosting rules.
  • There will be a full reset of the characters, items, and server storage when this update goes live.
  • Adjustments will need to be made to how the Central Economy functions within the live environment. If you notice something out of the ordinary – open a ticket at to let us know!

DayZ 0.58 Stable Update: Know Issues

While many QoL (Quality of Life) issues were resolved with 0.58, we’re still in development of both DayZ, and the Enfusion engine – so there are plenty of issues remaining to get fixed. Be aware of these, so you may best enjoy your time participating in DayZ’s development.

  • Door States are currently experiencing issues. In these situations, sometimes players can hear the sounds of doors opening/closing that might not actually be being interacted with.
  • Cooked Meat can in some cases cause survivors to become ill.
  • Server / Client position tracking improvements are still being worked on. In some cases, desynchronization of this information can occur and server/client or client/client disagreements will happen.
  • While the long running animation state problem of survivors constantly shouldering weapons seems to have been slain, we still have some edge cases where odd animation state behavior can be observed.
  • There are a few low repro server crashes still present, the frequency of these are fairly low and investigation on repro steps is ongoing.
  • Passenger Vehicle Position desynchronization is still below acceptable, and is slated for priority work on 0.59.
  • In some cases, while manipulating your inventory or crafting certain items a “false duplicate” item can be created. While this issue is
    currently under investigation, players can mitigate this by logging out and back in.
  • In some situations, all clients involved in a gunfight will not receive all proper gunshot sounds. This is currently being investigated.
  • Player camps of large size may experience issues interacting with and manipulating items. Survivors are encouraged to spread out camps of large size (2+ tents) until this issue is resolved.

With 0.58 Stable Update incoming, and PAX Prime just around the corner it should be an exciting weekend. We’ll be covering some exiting new changes and additions to the developer-community interaction in three different areas on the stage, doing Developer Meet & Greets, and talking DayZ Story Telling. Hope to see you all there!

DayZ Devs at Pax Prime 2015: Schedule

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