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Afternoon Survivors,

Version 0.60 containing the new renderer has been released on Stable branch, and the team keeps pushing towards Beta. In this status report we have Brian, Viktor, and Andrej commenting on subjects such as the milestone goals going towards 0.61, the new audio module, and of course more of those sweet animations that are coming up.

Dev Update: B. Hicks

As I’m sure most of you already know – 0.60 build was moved to Stable branch last week during E3. It is but one step towards 1.0, but one that we were all excited to get into your hands. While the build has been enjoyed by over 400,000 people since hitting stable branch, we’ve been keeping our eye on issues present on the build – and have been working towards a hotfix for the most critical issues, while also moving forward on 0.61. Current top issues for a hotfix are:

  • AI Related Server Crash
  • Container Lifetime Refresh Issue
  • Known Duplication Methods
  • Vehicle Location/Position Persistence

With those being worked on – the milestone goals for 0.60 have been achieved, and we can look forward towards our goals for 0.61.

0.60 Build Milestone Goals:

  • New Renderer: Implemented
  • Randomized Attachments & ItemsRandom: Implemented
  • New Reload Mechanics: Implemented
  • 60 Player-per-instance: Implemented

0.61 Milestone Goals:

  • Server Login Queue
  • Merge of New Audio Technology from Arma 3 Eden Update
  • Update of Weapon Sounds for New Audio Technology
  • Dynamic Spawning of Infected
  • Predators (Wolves)

I’ll be at RTX in Austin, Texas early next month to talk about 0.61 and show some early representations of some of the systems, as well as recap 0.60 and what was achieved there. For those not attending the show, we’ll be recording the audio off the sound board – and will match it with the presentation media and upload to our Youtube channel.
Lastly, we’ll be experimenting with uploads to our DayZDevTeam YouTube channel at 4k on the new nVidia GTX 1080 card, so for those eager to see how that performs on 0.60 – keep an eye out for that.

A massive thanks from all of us at the DayZ Dev Team to those participating in the Early Access period and especially to the 415,000 who have joined us in testing 0.60 over the last two weeks.

Dev Update: V. Kostik

In past week there have been some cool animations finished. To mention some of them, we have now attaching and detaching doors for vehicles, new reload animations include Winchester and there is also completely new reload for M249. The infected have received idle variations and few different door attacks.

The upcoming player character can hold items and aim using new aim spaces. We are still polishing existing animations for changing stances and movements. The way the character reacts to controls is great, the fact that we can blend multiple animations means it’s fluent, not limiting and it looks much better. For instance you can start running and go to crouch at the same time and you can raise your weapon as well, or you can change your mind and go back to the original pose – all in the transition itself – without any limitation or interruption.

There is still a lot in front of us for the new player controller from small tasks to complex features. In the next weeks we will focus on improving dynamics for character locomotion, finish camera behavior and start implementing new reload animations.

Dev Update: A. Sinkević

After a long silence from the audio department, I am delighted I can talk about some big improvements and upgrades we have planned moving toward 0.61. Our programmers worked hard on implementing our new Audio system which will also be the core of the Enfusion Audio. In the coming updates we will have completely new gunshots sounds with new distance parameters and attenuation and frequency curves which are enormous improvement over existing ones. You will be able to distinguish distance and position of the shots fired with greater precision. Also new sound effects we made are better quality and have greater diversity, so you could recognize which type of weapon is firing more easily.

In the coming updates we also plan to consecutively upgrade ambient sounds which will be an enormous core upgrade, but also vehicle sounds, melee and all character sounds that will compliment the new character animations you’ve been told about.

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