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Greetings Survivors,

For this week we have a bit of info on a subject which many of you have been enquiring about – Persistence. Our Lead Producer Brian Hicks will be talking a bit about what the team has been working as of late in regards to persistence, and also, he will fill us in a bit in relation to both server performance as well as player position desync.

Also, Lead Designer Peter Nespesny will inform us of the work being conducted on vehicles. This includes both upcoming vehicles as well as operation/maintenance of these.

Development Update: B. Hicks

The team is still working hard on the last few issues blocking a stable release of 0.58 – I’ll highlight a few of them in this Status Report as well as go into how some of the changed systems are now operating, and how they should be operating once 0.58 hits stable.

Server Performance (Degrading)
This issue has been resolved, and we’re seeing a 3x increase in server performance on the current 0.58. As well, the degrading curve of server performance over large spans of time has been resolved. Thus, the experimental branch servers will be operating on a 12 hour restart schedule now.

Player Position Desync
Still being worked on, the gameplay programmers have made some improvements on this issue – but its still not where we would like it to be for stable. We’ll continue to iterate on this, and keep you apprised in the Status Reports. For now, current experimental servers should show a marked improvement in this area.

Loot economy & persistence
Now onto the meat for this week. As frequent experimental branch users are aware, we’ve been operating experimental with full persistence enabled. Dynamic events have been respawning, and cleaning up – and we’ve been conducting extensive testing on Quantity Maximum Cleanup, and Lifetime Cleanup.

The above picture shows the loot concentration (against a black backdrop for our color blind users) right after last Friday’s experimental update. The item quantity sits right around an average of 21,000 items globally.

This second picture, shows the same server – 3 days later. The item quantity is *the same* (Approx 21,000 items globally) but the saturation is much lower, with the items massively spread out across the map. This issue can be tied to two issues – One, lifetime (age of a particular item) cleanup not functioning for items “dropped” on the ground – and per building maximum not yet functioning.

Todays experimental build is aimed at resolving both of those issues. With the first iteration of per-building maximums, and bug fixing on item lifetime cleanup, we’ll be monitoring the loot heat maps – as well as aiming for another experimental update tomorrow (assuming everything works out alright) with point-of-interest structure limits.

Development Update: P. Nespesny

Transportation in DayZ is a crucial part of gameplay, especially on such a large landscape as Chernarus offers. Whenever you want to reach inland for a higher chance to find better loot, get to the Chernogorsk hospital for medical supplies to help your friend in need or ambush the bandit camp hidden in the woods – hiking is the least viable option. As you want to reach your goal as fast as possible, you find yourself looking for the vehicle which suits your current needs best. Version 0.59 will come with a big update to vehicles content and I’m happy to see it’s shaping up pretty well.

You can look forward to a car fest with 3 completely new vehicles made from scratch just for DayZ including a slick sedan, a sturdy off-road and a spacious bus. All of these vehicles will have different handling characteristics and specifications you can experience in real life for example bigger turning radius and slower acceleration of the bus, higher top speeds of the sedan or perfect contact with uneven surfaces of off-road.

Apart from that as I mention earlier we are adding long awaited vehicle parts. To repair and maintain your vehicle you will also need to utilize a broad spectrum of tools already available in game, may it be the lug wrench for mounting the wheels, screwdriver to attach the doors or wrench to connect the battery. Some of the tools will have specialized purposes like the lug wrench while others will be used for more interactions within vehicle and its parts. I want to see characters using their tools directly from hands interacting with the exposed parts of the vehicle to reinforce the visceral experience of actual activity.

All vehicles and their parts were designed, modeled and prepared according to this goal so I hope it will turn out really well and adds to more sophisticated gameplay instead of instant abstract actions.

I will end my part of Status Report in a bit hyped spirit with insight into the future where I can see vehicles like helicopters, planes, boats and bikes. (Of course we’re doing bicycles!).

Keep those tools handy… see you in Chernarus folks!

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    plz add Drag into game :(( plz i die every time when iam helping my friend in the street :(( please add Draging Players into game

  • Profile photo of timmay

    man i hope you can shoot out of the sedan, it would make the perfect drive by car 😀

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    That brian and peter are totally crazy !!!!! those cars are not new, they where used in arma2, how about lying mister peter nespesly 😉 this is taking way to much time with u developers, maybe every dayz player should sew u guys. there is nothing really original in dayz, u say u have build the cars from scrats, wel why didnt u build a other car is that was so true, stupid ass dev, the game isnt original any more… think about those stupid things u are doing, ading dears, en that crazy ass fox, while u havent completed one little thing, are u doing the same job with ur girl, then i can tell u she will leave your ass too, for doing such a poor job

    • Profile photo of hwk

      You don’t have a single idea of what you’re talking about, am I right? Have you ever developed something? code? art maybe?

      Take a look at the Arma2 cars models (in data files), you’ll see that you cannot open the hood, see the engine. And I didn’t even mention: open door, enter/exit animation etc..

      While critics is okay most of the time, here your complain is just off-topic. IMO you should educate yourself about all aspects of this project (and development in general). Then, and only then, expose your technical opinion.

      Have a nice day.

      • Profile photo of MrGunManiak

        i do know where i am talking about its about the factor that they say: we have creatit something NEW, 1,5 year we are waiting and waiting, having fate that the wil make this game the best. while those cars aren’t even new, and are from arma 2, and everytime they are adding new things that dont matter, dont u see the same stuf in the arma 2 mod? dont u want a better render instead of some stupid car that is full of bugs. i do know its a alpha-game and that meens adding, but damn come on man, this is taking too long, and it isnt about opening the hood,or that kind of stuf, its yust that the visual feeling is the same and that is lame,

        • Profile photo of hwk

          – GTA 5 took 5 years of dev with a team of 300.
          – 1.5 years is nothing in a game dev cycle. That’s why it’s still Alpha.
          – Vehicles are not from Arma 2. If so, show me models (with interiors, animations etc)
          – Take a break, come back in 2016.

        • Profile photo of MrGunManiak

          and then i am not even talking about the game performance,
          i have a
          AMD FX 6100- oc at 4 ghz,
          2gb Asus GTX760 oc
          , corsair vengeance 1600Mhz
          , Asus sabertooth 990fx r2.0 motheboard,
          and WD 1TB Hhdd,
          and i cant even play this game normal at a resolution of 1440×900 (because my monitor isnt better)
          so u tell me, if you are so smart,whats the problem 😉