Shared by SepticFalcon on July 20, 2016

Afternoon Survivors,

This week our Creative Director gives a status update on where we are with our hotfixes, as well as our .61 milestone goals, and Viktor our Lead Animator talks a bit about the new animation system.

Dev Update: B. Hicks

Today we’re going to take a quick look at the status of hotfixes for Stable branch, and talk a bit about where we are with development of the .61 milestone goals.

  • Character Gear Loss (On reconnect): Hotfixed to Stable
  • Tent Lifetime Refresh: Hotfixed to Stable
  • Tent Position/Orientation: Hotfixed to Stable
  • Vehicle Position Orientation: In Test
  • Animation/Sync Issues: In Test

0.61 Milestone Goals:
Server Login Queue
Technology supporting this has been merged in and is in test with internal QA. UI Element notifies user of position in queue. As of the current status report, there are only minor bugs remaining. Will need further QA to be certain – and of course, plenty of experimental testing.

Merge of New Audio Technology from Arma 3 Eden Update
Technology successfully merged into DayZ branch. Configuration testing on existing audio configs under way.

Update of Weapon Sounds for New Audio Technology
Nine weapons ready, work continues on remaining firearms. Youtube channel dev log preview upcoming (Not of the full list, as some still require a little polish)!

Dynamic Spawning of Infected
Technology implemented into main internal branch. Basic area configuration is set up. Restock timer current disabled for testing. Programmers currently working on per-player configuration support.

Predators (Wolves)

Predator AI Sync working properly in offline mode, synchronization issues are present in network play. Triage is currently isolating these issues to legacy animation system. Programming, design, and animation teams are focused on investigating risk and cost effectiveness of fixing legacy animation sync issues for predators, or focusing on pushing animals operating with proper support on new animation system.

Dev Update: V. Kostik

In recent days and weeks there were many discussions about the new player controller where we talked about camera, aiming, IK, combat, controls, and other related features. Although it is coming together quite nicely we are still missing some major things like climbing ladders or overcoming obstacles. On the other hand there is now much more of wounded character. While new features are being added we are polishing the existing ones in the player graph and the animations itself are being adjusted less or more. Many items have been moved from the graph to a new layer of config which gives us a great way to quickly iterate changes in the character behavior and most importantly the animation graph doesn’t have to solve unnecessary logic like in the old animation system.

Also we are finishing first phase of extended animation sets for guns. At the moment almost all of the existing firearms have chambering animation and updated magazine reloads. At the same time we have started working on another pass by adding jamming/unjamming anims. There will be one for each gun. Each animation is divided into three parts with in, loop and out to give our designers better control over unjamming process. I think it will be a great addition and interesting game mechanic.

DayZ Trello: