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Greetings Survivors,

Yet another week is checked off the calendar as the team moves forward with development of DayZ. In this week’s Status Report, Lead Producer Brian Hicks will be filling us in on the challenges the team faces while on the road towards the next Stable branch update. Additionally, Brian will hand out a bit more info/updates in regards to the current state of persistence on 0.58 over on the Experimental branch.

As we’re in crunch to resolve the last few blocking issues for 0.58 we don’t have too much *new news*. That said, we’ll use this weeks Status Report to fill you in on the issues we’re currently focused on resolving for 0.58, as well as some small changes to Experimental Branch over the last week.

Player Position Desync:

This issue has been present in a pretty bad state on 0.57, so obviously we want to do what we can to improve the situation for 0.58. No one enjoys having their character get stuck in one spot, or have someone they’re in conflict with bounce all over their screen. While we’ll probably not get this issue 100% resolved for this update, our aim is to mitigate it as much as possible and present as enjoyable an experience on stable branch as is possible within a reasonable amount of time for bugfixing. We’ll be pushing test updates to experimental branch as work on this moves forward.

Degrading Server Performance:

Internally we have noticed severe performance drops on 0.58 experimental, below what we consider to be the acceptable line for a playable dev build. The team has focused on investigating the cause of this issue, and resolving it so as to return the build to a playable state. This, like the issue with player position desync is marked as a blocker for 0.58 stable release.

As well, we discussed last week the goal of having the gameplay programmers resolve the issue of animation glitching for 0.58. With the issues listed above, specifically player position desynchronization being a much more critical issue – priority on the animation glitching (weapon swapping, holding an invisible weapon) has been rescheduled for 0.59, in order to give the proper resources to resolving the issues listed above.

That said – with 0.58 large strides have been made on the loot respawning, and cleanup issues. Allowing us to look forward to the reintroduction of persistent objects frequently used with the building of player camps.
The following functionality is currently present on 0.58 persistence:

  • Vehicle Position
  • Vehicle Inventory
  • Attached Vehicle Parts (W/ Exception to Tires & Fuel Levels)
  • Barrel Locations & Inventory
  • Horticulture Plots
  • Fireplaces & Ovens
  • Tents (Camping, Military, Car) Locations & Inventory
  • Containers (Ammo Canisters, Backpacks, etc)

And of course – the base item persistence is functioning as well. Item cleanup & respawn should ensure that the economy functions at a base enjoyable level. If you encounter or spawn near a small village that seems to be barren, just continue on to the next town. Mapping the concentration of loot over the span of a week on experimental has shown proper saturation across the map, so there is a high chance that the next town will have everything you need!

As well, Lead Designer Peter Nespesny will be discussing our goals for vehicle maintenance (tools, parts, etc) on the Official DayZ forums later today. Make sure to head over, and let your voice be heard!

Lastly, as we look to pushing 0.58 to Stable Branch – We’ll be issuing a full reset of the hive (private shard and public shard characters) as well as a full wipe of existing persistence.

We still have a long way to go, but 0.58 should be a fun build to play on – and 0.59 looks to be even better!

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  • Ok honestly why do they have to reset the freaking characters it’s just stupid I understand that yes you can too easily get military gear but I don’t get why they just fix the spawns and allow the loot we have to just go away in time from stuff like Pvp and just general death of our characters. My character has been alive for more than 3 weeks now and for him to just be wiped feels unfair and makes me lose faith in this game. Why can’t we just have a community vote of this stuff. Ugh I guess the devs will do what ever they want but I just wish they could understand how the average player feels about this. I mean I know I’m rambling but in my entire 3 weeks of playing I haven’t killed one person not one I have never really been able to be that person who just shoots players for their stuff, I just talk to them and ask if they need anything and help them learn to play. So does this mean my character should be wiped? Honestly i feel like my support of this game is getting less and less warranted so sorry for my rant but that’s how I feel. Thanks and devs please ask ur comunity what they want before u lose us all.

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    Are they just gonna wipe all characters every time they update? So when everyone setup their camps, barrels and trucks and HEY! We are gonna do another server wipe when 0.59 comes.

    • Totally agree… The successive wipes are the reason I stoped playing. And the argument “there was bug on the loot table, so we wipe everything” is bullshit. This is an alpha, so let the players who play fair and care about having a good camp play their way. The only wipes I will understand is the beta and final wipes…

    • They do not wipe every update? did you just start playing? One of the reasons it is going to happen with 0.58 is because of all the easy military loot people are picking up now, which is not intended. So i it totally fair they do it, since the new loot economy will hit in 0.58

    • Honestly I think there should be more wipes due to the high amount of players finding the best loot and just duplicating it in game with glitches, I’m willing to give up all my gear and any camp I have for those people to loose the gear they spent hours duplicating (I have witnessed them literally spending hours to get like 30 m4 mags for their 20 M4s) until players can be responsible and honest with this game I would prefer that they loose their stuff. Just go out into the world the day before the wipe and have fun with what you have, in the end its just a game.

      • This is total crap, and here’s why : if it’s THAT easy to duplicate stuff, those cheaters you’re talking about just have to do a little hoping to get their first M4 after any wipe, and they’ll be full in no time. On the other side, players like me who actually play fair and work in their stuff are the most penalised type of players with these fucking wipes.

        In addition at that, if the loot table is screwed up (like a lot of things in this game, I know this is an alpha, blah blah blah), it’s not my fault. If devs think that overloot is a big enough issue to do total wipes every 3 builds, so they should work on duplication and loot table stabilization BEFORE making other builds, its pretty simple logic. If they don’t, there is no reason to wipe everything. In any way, this is total crap.

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    Hey Falcon! It sounded like u recorded it in a bathroom.. hahaha

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    Please someone tell the devs to quickly fix the military tent scrolling!

  • To everyone that’s whining about the wipe:
    You bought a game in alpha!!!
    If you hate the wipes glitches bugs then why did you buy it in alpha and didn’t you have the patience to wait for a full release, stop crying!!!

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    The Dev team have to put some thing like when players can pick up the working parts of the ruined cars and put them on working cars something like this not something like that u find to VS3 and then combine them some thing u found crashed VS3 then some items for VS3 spawn in Crashed VS3 then u can pick them up and put them on Working VS3
    it will be Very