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Evening Survivors,

In this week’s Status Report, Lead Producer Brian Hicks will let us in on the work currently being conducted on design, the engine, and the renderer as we have entered the new year. Promising things lie ahead, so stay tuned!

This Status Report comes a little bit later than normal due to the team getting back into the office, and people getting settled. We’re all focused on assessing the tasks ahead of us between here and beta – and prioritizing the when and how those larger engine changes will make their way to the consumer branch on Steam.

Over the last week as far as Steam goes – we’ve pushed a small update addressing some security issues, as well as merging over some pending filters changes for the New UI. Enough about that though – you all want to know whats going on with the under the hood type stuff – so lets get to that.

Keep in mind, we’re at the start of the year – so not too much content changes will be featured in this week’s Status Report, but we will be talking about DayZ’s underlying engine – and pending changes.

On the design side, Peter and his team have been focused on several awesome upcoming changes to DayZ, as well as addressing some nagging economy bugs that we’ve been able to nail down thanks to Feedback Tracker usage.

  • Finalizing gameplay design for player constructed fortifications (tiers of walls/fences)
  • Finalizing gameplay design for player constructed watch towers
  • Complete audit of item category and tagging configuration (every spawnable item in game)

Over in the gameplay programming team, Mirek and crew have kicked off 2016 with the following tasks:

  • Damage System implementation
  • Central Hive/Servlet Package for DayZ Server tool
  • Servlet & DayZ Server Modding Support
  • Central Economy Region Control & Tools
  • Expanding required fluids and parts for vehicles
The Enfusion/DayZ Engine team have kicked off the new year right.

  • Extensive New UI bugfixing
  • Cooperation w/ Design & Art on New UI skin prototype
  • Optimization & Parallelization of Renderer

New Renderer

Straight from the mouth of Filip Doksansky, Lead Engine Programmer for Enfusion – the current renderer goals and progress are as follows:

Tasks Completed:

  • Ocean Rendering
  • Parallelization
  • Post Processes
Current Focus:

  • Simulweather (True Sky) Implementation
  • Detailed Terrain Shadows
  • Dynamic Lights
  • Optimization Pass

Internally we’re hoping to have our next .60 update out late next month. I don’t want to get any of you too hyped, but internally we’ve been observing outstanding client side performance (frame rate) with the new renderer technology. Paired with the performance increase of the New UI, and iteration upon the inventory and UI skinning – we’re *hoping* to see .60 be a hell of an update.

Please keep in mind as these systems are merged into test we could easily stumble across blocking issues, and we’ll continue to keep everyone appraised on the status of these if they arise.

DayZ Trello:
Report Exploit/Bug Here:


  • 2 years for 10 gun lot of t shirt and D sync seriously, and he must wait wait wait, clearly I did not expect the end of the year to see their result and I would not be the only

    • lol guess you really dont know how hard making a game is. they dont just slap stuff on the game and walaah. the game requires in depth construction with many so many mechanics. the game is really complicated. add things, u break another this will add more time.

    • lol 10 weapons 😀 😀 this game has 40 firearms (3 can be sawn), 26 meele weapons, 4 explosions and 2 smokes 🙂 originaly there was only 3 firearms so stfu
      + there is 3 new cars
      and dont forget that many MANY bugs has been repaired.

      • It still buggy as shit. i descidet to play again, and in those 3 Hours i had to relog 8 times because i couldnt use ANY items, after relogging i often lost blood and stuff, i STILL cant choose how my character looks because it just randomizes it anyway, and it happend pretty often that its imposible to do the most basic tasks like drinking, reloading (The Mag just disapears) picking stuff up or putting it on the ground. When i finally arived at the airfield, i equiped my weapon which bugged out in my hand, i couldnt drop it or do ANYTHING so i relogged and was dead. You cant start the game without knowing that you wont be able to atleast run around because you just randomly breake your legs and cant just respawn!

        Plus, these updates are so ridicoulus. Why would i bother to repair a Car for 2 Hours just to get to a location where i can simply run to in half an hour? Why would i bother hunting animals if i can just run in any random house and pick up 3 cans of beans? Why would i let any other player live when i have about 200 rounds for my AK and a Sniper rifle on my back? Its not like Ammunition is rare or anything, or that it would help me to SURVIVE if i teamed up with other people. Why would i run to the Hospital, it wont pawn any morphine there anyway, i mean i can just craft a plint and some rag any time i want! Why would i go to the grocery store, its more likely to find anything in any other house on the entire map! (It just always ends up in spwaning, and then looting every house ou come across. Boring and repetetive!)

        Its NOTHING about survival anymore, even the zombies are a joke! You dont even need weapons, you can just punch them down like mike tyson! And even that doesnt make any fun, because they are till as buggy as ever! You dont need to look for food and medical supplie, you dont need weapons to survive, you need them to kill other people!

        And i know, “its an alpha, it will get better soon!!” bullshit. All they do to “complete the game” is adding new items and mechanics that are often so obsolete that you wouldnt even notice they where there if you didnt read the changelog! The loot spawning system is one of the biggest faults they made. Making every building enterable means that ou have to find something in every building, otherwise it would be really frustrating. But because it takes ages to loot an entire city, and you can find anything anywhere, its just really boring. You dont plan a dangerous journey to the hospital of cherno to find some morphine, or to the grocery store to find some food, you just loot random buildings. Players are the main threat, not the zombies. It should be like this, if there where no weapons, you couldnt survive because of the zombies. But its the complete oposit, if there where no weapons, it would be more likely for you to survive because not everybody would shoot at you right away!

        (sry for my english)

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    this game will be the best.. i can’t ven play arma 3 exile without thinking of what they could’ve done if the had a dayz dev team… look at the game now.. you all just playing for PVP.. this game is much more.. MUCH more that just grabbing a gun and shooting.. most of you don’t even bother going to north.. meeting people or at least..TALK>. play the game with ease..enjoy it…then u will be satisfied.. and i really know that this game will be a gem.. and a diamond in the hands of modders..
    and i will be one of the first to make a mod..

  • I bought that crap in the beginning. Passed with 2 years and continues to be the same shit.
    Bohemia – just give me back my money!
    imo Dayz MOD > Standalone

  • They will never finish this game!This game will just die in it’s own shadow.

  • This is a pyramid scheme. They add more toys to increase hype and sell more. They don’t care about polish because you’ve already paid. If they decide to turn around and actually deliver a finished product Before somebody else does it better, I would be shocked. There really isn’t an incentive to. Why would you start a console version half way through an alpha on a pc standalone. Some people have great ideas; few people have all the right ideas to make a finished project. These devs have their heads in the clouds.

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    all you people bitching just need to get the fuck out.. i have over 2k hours and although i get extremely frustrated at times.. i realize that this is all a process. stfu and leave bitches

  • Lol people ar somdumb lol hey do realize that this game is close to beta after a few years, were as other games that have been released and are super popular took 5 years or so to develop and release