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Greetings Survivors,

Build 0.55 has been on the Steam/Stable branch for a few weeks now, and with the new systems in place with this build we were able to gather some incredibly valuable bug data from all you eager beaver Early Access participants. That said, and before we get into details on this week and the plan moving forward a few words need to be mentioned.

Note on Stable/Experimental Servers

Much like the warnings placed on the DayZ Store Page, and the DayZ Launch Screen, as well as the stickies on the DayZ Steam Forums – The Early Access program provides you with development builds of the project, not access to a feature, or functionally complete game. As this year progresses, more and more parts of the Enfusion engine and its accompanying technology will be merged into the main branch. This means things will break, sometimes things will break -hard-. We utilize the experimental branch to flesh out any catastrophically game breaking issues (think client crashes, server freezes, high repro progression loss, and so on) and at the end of the month the most stable development build gets pushed to Steam for all of you to poke, experiment, and have fun with. Testing is done in three tiers, each tier scaling up in load and volume. Internal, Experimental, Main (Stable) – and make no mistake. All three branches are for testing.

So as we move forward to 0.56 and beyond, keep that detail in mind. Systems will break, bugs and interruptions of gameplay will occur – and as I will detail below, nothing finds the cracks in the stonework like throwing a rotation of roughly a million active players at a build and seeing how it holds up.

Persistence Problems on 0.55

Through extensive monitoring of both private shard and public hive servers on 0.55 the team were able to identify two key bugs in the new loot and economy systems that did not appear in proper detail on experimental branch. These two separate issues affected the core persistence mechanic of DayZ in different, but similar ways. On one hand, we discovered aberrant behavior in item respawn positions, and the other (over this last weekend) we discovered loot respawning causing corruption in the primary persistence binarization (which caused some servers to believe it was “okay” to be operating at 20,000 items less than the defined red-line).

These two bugs are the primary focus of the members of the gameplay programming team responsible for the loot economy, and player progression – and will be included in the 0.56 update (scheduled for early in May). In an effort to mitigate the issue in the mean time, during the Wednesday maintenance period this week we will be switching servers over to the legacy placeholder loot spawning system. Unfortunately this means some of the newer items won’t spawn, but it will keep the economies going until 0.56 hits stable branch.

Paired with this hotfix, we will be instructing GSPs to reset the persistence structure for each stable branch server. So pack up those tents post haste. Moving forward we’ll be segregating the base building type objects from the main persistence structure, so in the case of any issues like this popping up again during development – player camps will not be effected.

Survivor GameZ VI

On a more fun note, The Survivor GameZ are holding the Survivor GameZ VI this upcoming Sunday – Frequently coined the “Super Bowl of DayZ” we’ll be seeing some very well known personalities from across the Twitch and DayZ content creation sphere going head to head in a 2 man team based fight to the death. Live streamed on 4 seperate free roaming cameras and no less than 15 competitor twitch channels.

Keep an eye on their twitter account @Survivor_GameZ for more information!

Brian Hicks: Lead Producer

Standup Notes for the week of 14 Apr 15

(Note: Standup notes are not a change log – they are a quick high level look at tasks the teams worked on throughout this week)


  • GAZ Volga
  • Ikarus
  • UMP 45, VSS, Mauser polishing
  • New Zombie Models
  • School Env. Objects
  • Roadblock Objects


  • Central Economy
  • Firearms Recoil
  • Tripwire Traps
  • Firearms Noise (AI Related)
  • Drying Food
  • Cooking via Stick
  • Object Placement
  • Player / Infected Stamina
  • SVD Configuration


  • Inventory refactorization
  • Dynamic Events
  • Vehicle Transmission bugfixing
  • Adv. Loot Distro Bugfixing
  • Persistence Bugfixing
  • Advanced Loot Distro bugfixing
  • Character Controller
  • Login Que Design
  • New Damage Sys.
  • Crash Fixes

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    woh woh woh. wait a second. Cooking via stick? cant wait.

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    “So pack up those tents post haste”? Really? and whats the point?

  • people who are getting this game now need to realize…its an alpha….it doesn’t matter that they are taking YEARS to get out of alpha……its an ALPHA….to be honest I didn’t find a single thing wrong with patch 55 LOL…..I actually stop playing this game because it was so broken….almost 9 months and came back 4 days before patch 55…. and I am telling you…I would pay 60 for this…..all you newbies don’t know what ppl who played this a year ago went through……zombies that hit you from 15 + feet out, falling through floors on a regular bases. dying on ladders, no lock picking, no tents no vehicles… only PVP every day….. hacked mags NORTHEAST airfield prison wall hack….teleporters AND ZOMBIES GOING THROUGH WALLS!! I CLAPPED WHEN I CAME BACK AND SAW THAT THEY DIDNT…THIS GAME WAS A BROKEN ALPHA. its not anymore and ppl STILL BITCH….not once since I have been back had troubles with these things……

    The Problem is All these things should have been made quicker …it should be better than arma 3 breaking point by now and its no where near it……all these patches and progress is delightful , its just taking to long….someone … NOT YOU DUMB F*CKS WHO THINK YA KNOW EVERYTHING…im talking about someone from these people who are making this game should really say WHY its taking that long…and not the bull you feed to your fans but the truth……..

    its probably a calculation on their part…..Business..they make more money this way than to just finish this game…….but I hope ya ppl speed things up soon….

    Good work btw Dayz is amazing and no game is like it , except the ones who copy you lol

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    ive never, ever in my life been fucked harder in my ass then by the devs, i had 3 mill tents and 16 blue ones full with weapons ammo and gear… im done with the game, all i ask is a clear fucking message A FEW DAYS before you gonna wipe everything so i can prepare, yesterday was first day without playing dayz in 2015 for me, one freaking day and all the hours are set back to zero, thx. You guys are the kings of trolling

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      Bitch bitch bitch ain’t nothing a 100% going to stay with you whe n maintenance came up my friends and I had to throw away plenty because we couldn’t carry it all. Those hours you played don’t matter no matter what someone can loot your shit or server wipe unexpected can happen that is dayz always starting from the bottom and working back up…. So don’t bitch on how many hours you put in cause guess what none of us care we all been there your the only one bitching on this forum and you look like a fucking idoit doing it too.

    • Yeah, beacause that game is for collecting as much shit as possible. I bet you were a good server hopper or sth. Go uninstall and fly away, you douche! If you don’t get the game go fund yourself.

      • thanks for saying that, yeah people are REALLY bitchy but you have to learn that this game is in EARLY ACCESS that means things are going to be broken A LOT and they have a message that pops up every time you start the game saying “hey this game sucks right now, were working on it” paraphrasing but that’s pretty much it.

    • Little kids will never understand/learn the process of a alpha version. Go cry harder!

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        this has nothing to do with the game itself, only mad about the communication… but yeah go ahead and start downvoting every bit of criticism. I don’t give a fuck about losing the gear, it’s the way i lost it! everyone shouting persistance is in , but we already had 2 complete wipes in 3 weeks of playing.. and both of them were announced of few hours before the wipe itself.. so am i completly wrong with this opinion? :s

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      they warned us like half a day before it went down, and yeah stop whining why do all you fucking children complain about this game and then keep playing it and keep complaining, if you want top gear every time you start go play cod or wow. This game is just showing how weak sauce most of the gaming community is, fuck i never had guides and google when mario was out, the only cheating in duckhunt was sitting right by the screen. The pussys that play this game, i’m sorry you spent 1000+ hours and still don’t know !% of how to play this game because your either a pvp bitch (you know kills anything that moves on sight in case that bambi might kill him, or he might have to try to get a kill if the guy sees him) or a server hopping loot whore. If you can handle the game press F11 and GTFO.

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      Yes I spelled pussies wrong but I can’t seem to figure out how to correct it.

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        lol this guy trying to be a gamer veteran by saying he played mario, first of all, for me thats the perfect mixture between survival/hunting and pvp, we don’t kill on sight unless they start shooting first. Trust me i do know how to play this game, i only wantet to say that the time between the message and the wipe was too short , and for that litlle bit of criticism i get a ton of little dev. power rangers over me thinking they are dayzgods cuz they take everything that people throw at them. If everyone keeps saying everything is alright with the game , everything is perfect, well gues what it would be a full game.