Shared by SepticFalcon on March 11, 2015

Brian Hicks – Lead Producer:

Greetings Survivors,

As the 0.54 hotfix hit stable branch last Wednesday, work has continued on toward 0.55 and beyond. Over the last week with myself at GDC and PAX East, our Lead Designer – Peter Nespesny has shared some of the prototype functionality currently being worked on.

From ongoing work with the infected A.I., to the many crafting options for your survivor base with the multipurpose barrel – the design team has had their plate filled with some pretty interesting stuff over the last week.

Peter spoke briefly on the development board, and the official forums about the intended use of the multipurpose barrel.

Beyond what Peter spoke of, the potential usage for a multipurpose barrel for player bases is extensive. Ranging from lightly effective cover from incoming fire – to the storing of fluids such as fuel, and my personal favorite – catching rain to increase your water stores – I think when paired with functional persistence and global cleanup, the multipurpose barrel will be a must have for any decent sized player encampment.

Even more exciting, pairing with work from the gameplay programming teams – the design team has been able to get their hands on the early implementation of the new infected A.I. – Peter showcased on the forums a brief video of basic grouping and horde mentality responding to a players gunshot.

Again – this is very early implementation, however as work progresses into the next week the design team are working on sneaking and stealthy tactics when dealing with this new A.I. system. Moving into the next experimental branch window, we’ll be looking at pushing the early implementation work out to this branch and testing with varied numbers across all servers.

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