Shared by Blyat on September 22, 2014

Hey guys whats up Shaun here . If you like this video and hate hackers in dayz give this video a like!
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    the guy that u killed is not a hacker

      • lol dummy he means hes not a hacker or cheater, if he was he wouldnt of died so easly. the reason he had hacked ammo was because he got the m4 from an actual hacker. or anouther player who killed the hacker killed him or however many times that m4 was passed on to other players.

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      Well technically ,he was using an M4 with hacked mags killing fresh spawns all around .In any case I played Dayz Standalone alot and I can identify a hacker believe me but in this case using a hacked M4 in my book is a hacker as it is rather having a huge advantage over the other players.I understand you may think this guy is rather of a cheater than a hacker but still having hacked mags to me is a form of hacking . How and where he got the gun is not the case , I eliminated him and that is all .There should be no reason to debate over this whether he is a hacker or cheater. He was killing fresh spawns and using a hacked gun that is all.

      PS: When I meant I played Dayz Standalone alot I wasn’t bragging about it.Many players have played over a 1000 hours as compared to me playing this game for only 477 hours and counting.

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        The fact that he was using it after having killed or run from the hackers makes him a scumbag. Just as bad as those who were using it before him. I love me some M4 and would run towards the shots in berezino in order to take it away from assholes and use it on them. Once they’re dead, all the mags gotta be removed and emptied (usually one per asshole). You still walk away with a fully kitted M4 and Chernarus is a tad brighter for it.