Shared by ALhaknslash on May 14, 2016

Hello survivors,
Like many others, I took a long hiatus from the game due to bad performance. I’m so glad that the first iteration of the new renderer is bringing back so many players because performance is much improved and I really dig the new visuals! I haven’t played for at least six months and I really enjoyed the few times I’ve got to try 60. Everything feels so new from the reload mechanic to just walking around to interacting with things. Hell I even got lost a few times because I’ve forgotten the map a bit and I don’t meta game using outside website maps because I like the immersion of finding your own way. It almost feels like the first time I played DayZ and that was a special feeling as we all know.
Anyways here’s a little video I threw together of my first real play session in .60. There is not a lot of action but there are some great visuals throughout the video of how great this game looks, at least to me anyways. Hope you enjoy and stay safe out there survivors!