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So guys, I have been asked multiple times over previous weeks to upload a gameplay, long story short, I just haven’t had time, I managed to get a little chunk of time so I put it to good use and made a few gameplays for you guys! 😀

I hope you enjoy this video, we deal with a “hacker” in Berezino and bump into some more very “interesting” characters..

Hackers have become a huge problem in the DayZ Standalone and don’t like to play fair, whilst this is a problem it’s still enjoyable, although the DayZ Standalone would be a ton better if hackers weren’t a part of it.

I hope you enjoy this gameplay of the DayZ Standalone, plenty more gameplays and DayZ Standalone updates where this came from! enjoy!


DayZ Standalone – WELCOME TO HackerZ!

DayZ Standalone – WELCOME TO HackerZ!

DayZ Standalone – WELCOME TO HackerZ!



Royalty Free Music: Chillstep – Ep29:

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What is the DayZ Standalone? (from DayZ Wiki)

DayZ Standalone is the much hyped follow-up to the DayZ Mod created by infamous game developer Dean Rocket Hall. On 14 August 2012, Rocket announced that DayZ would become a standalone game that does not require Arma II. Development of the standalone version was headed up directly by Rocket, in conjunction with Bohemia Interactive, the publisher of ARMA II. With this announcement, Rocket turned the mod version of DayZ over to the community for continued development. Some of the main goals for creating the standalone were to fix bugs and prevent hacking, two things very difficult to do under the previous ARMA II architecture.

DayZ Standalone utilizes the Take On Helicopter engine, which is a branch of the Arma II Operation Arrowhead engine Real Virtuality. The engine has been heavily modified even including code from ARMA III.

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