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More informations: Dayz Standalone – Gameplay & features

Here’s another short video highlighting most of the new information to come out about DayZ Standalone over the past week (from June 1 to June 7, 2013).

If I left anything out, leave a comment about it and I’ll add it here in the description!

Rocket on Twitter:

DayZ Development Tumblr:

Background music by Kevin MacLeod:


– Bohemia Interactive and DayZ at E3 (courtesy of Guisho):

– Rocket’s version of the E3 show floor:

– No beans for Dean:

– Rocket interviewed in Bikeman’s livestream:

– Notes from the interview (courtesy of FLHKE):

Bikeman on Twitch/YouTube:

– DayZ Alpha will be cheaper than $20:

– Possibility of new door mechanics:

– DayZ at E3: