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This video just explains all the new stuff coming in the DayZ Standalone Update .49. I hope it helps and if you liked the video then feel free to subscribe, because I do these videos for every update!


  • The rossi is NOT a shotgun, its a lever action rifle that fires .357 magnum rounds, and hold 10 or 11 bullets.

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    Oh and a side note for the dumbass that made the video, don’t make a video about something, if you have no idea of what the fuck you’re talking about. Saying Uhh and I think throughout the video doesn’t help your case either. Most important, which will definitely help you through life as well, use some fucking sense for god sake. This is a pathetic video. And the fact that you put this on DayZTV is even worse. People trust this site as a news site. When you post dumb shit like this, your misleading people who are trusting this site. So unless you know for sure what your talking about when you post something, do everyone a favor and don’t.

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    First off this video is extremely unaccurate. The Rossi is not a shotgun, it’s a rifle. The Skull Balaclavas only spawn at crash sites, while the others spawn around Cheranus, although where I do not know. As for the Riot Helmet, the Devs have said nothing about it being “unbreakable” or how much it will protect you from getting punched or shot. The SPOSN backpack, is the first military backpack, but from what I have heard (not confirmed) it is smaller than the Mountain Backpack and the Hunting Backpack too I think. Bears, Bulls, and Wolfs have been confirmed, even though they’re not in the video. All three of these will eventually be implemented, but they are not confirmed for a .49 release yet. They will be agressive AI, but at this point know one knows how that will work as they are not currently in experimental. As far as Elks are concerned, I seriously doubt they will become agressive and Devs haven’t said a thing, about Elks. Elks aren’t even very agressive in real life, so I have no idea where this kid got that from. As for horticulture, I think everyone knows about it. That will be added in .49, to where you can grow your own crops and possibly survive in the wilderness. This kid, mentions being able to grow poison and use it on weapons. This is not confirmed, and was only suggested by a player. As cool as that would be, it is like I said not confirmed. The using plants to stop bleeding, I don’t think has been confirmed either. Car parts aren’t being added in .49 either. The Devs have confirmed they are working on the first car which will be the V3S Truck. Even then, they are just beginning to work on the concept art for it, and working on getting a model for the truck and the parts that it will need. So parts won’t even be in .49. The rest of what this kid said is true, but the 75% of what I just listed that he talked about in this video isn’t. Not to mention, there is a good bit he left out of the video.

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    Rossi a shotgun you know anything about what you are talking about plus a lot of this isn’t confirmed like what alpharius and timmay said i feel like you are talking out of your ass the whole time. Hence why u only have 160 subscribers horrible vid!

  • Love your vids man. If you or anyone ever wants to play, my steam name is solidssnke1. I’m about 550 hours deep.