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In this video we take a look at most of the update information stated in todays status report (Jan 24,2017)

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    They are maybe meaning to locking the hand slot to counter duping. There was a while ago a action where you would eat an apple and then while doing so two guys had to drag a backpack to their backs or hands or something what ever. There after duping would commence if the timing was right. a Lot of duping consisted of doing these things like 2 actions at the same time and maybe now also apple picking could be a thing of the past as well as water drink spamming. Apple picking usually consists of picking one apple legit, then just stand in front of tree and spamming f to pick tons of apples in seconds. same with apple eating glitch and maybe locking hands this would prevent these action.
    In 0.61 I have come across many trees with close to 100 apples on the ground, it was like wtf moments. If 10 guys did this on 1 server at that pace it would mean the server had a sudden 1500 objects extra to contend with and thus would create more lag then necessary which could lead to these f’ing server crashes.
    Or I am totally just wrong about it all, but you asked for others thoughts and opinions. Thanks for nice video though

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    *1000 extra objects or either 15 guys doing the same thing for 1500 apples. Silly mistake

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    You trying to say “degradation” made me forget how to pronounce it.
    Anyway, thank you for the update.

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    the moving camera while running or do anything is a joke?? thats so fukin anoying