Shared by Accurize2 on December 31, 2013

This DayZ Standalone Tutorial is for those DayZ SA beginners who need a guide to loot the Northwest Airfield (NWAF). We hit the airfield with just an axe, a pistol with no ammo and some basic supplies gathered on the coast. This will show you new DayZ standalone players why it is important not to waste much time on the coast in the cities. Get a couple can\’s of food, fill up on water at the wells and maybe find a backpack and melee weapon…once you have that. HEAD NORTH to some military loot spawn locations, in this case the NWAF. The only exception being if you spawn near Balota Airfield. But remember Balota is a fresh spawn hotspot and there, expect lots of contact with unpredictable players.

This is a two part guide with us looting the south barracks and police station first and then proceeding to the south hangers, firestation and north barracks. Eventually we make it up to the north hangers and new north military tents.

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