Shared by Cherno BlitZ on September 10, 2015

This is my top 5 new places we want to see in the DayZ SA 0.59 Update. Hope you enjoy them and please leave any of your ideas in the comments below.


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    Hi, I was thinking few minutes ago about underground bunkers and something about a lab then i saw you video and i think this is it, this guy thinks like me these must come out in dayz and maybe more zombies in the north because you always spawn in the south by the sea and you can get some gear and then go to north for better gear but is more dangerous of all these zombies in the north. and at least i was thinking about heli crash sites must be like you see a helicopter with smoke in the sky that gonna crash somewhere and some players nearby can see that too than you hear an explosion and see smoke everyone gonna run to that place to be the first you gonna see where it’s gonna be crash or something like that. that are mine ideas