Shared by TuranArek on July 4, 2016

This time we moved NW airfield. We found this group of bandits at the firestation. Before we noticed we where in more trouble then we thought. This time the Magnum is the main weapon.

One server
One location
One character

Title: Calm And The Storm
Composer: Gunnar Johnsén

Title: Humanoid 1
Composer: Johannes Bornlöf

Title: Hurry Up Please
Composer: Anders Ekengren

Title: Moving Arma 5
Composer: August Wilhelmsson

Title: Peaceful Heartbreak 2
Composer:Anders Nilsson

Title: Rush Hour 3
Composer: Fredrik Ekstrom

Title: The Pressure
Composer: Anders Ekengren

Dayz Standalone is a game what will bring you a new experience every time you play. I try to tell the stories what happen on my journey.

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