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Today we discuss this weeks Status Report for DayZ SA!! if you enjoyed this video show your support by clicking “LIKE.” For more livestreams follow – Twitter:
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Status Report:

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There is a lot that was covered in this weeks status report here is a list of some of it:

– Centralized Loot Architecture


*** New Items ***

Firefighter Helmet and SPOSN Backpack are finished, working on some waterproof containers & Work has also begun on the craftable player gear and items related to that system.

– New Zombies

new Civilian Zombies, Expanding the number of Zombie heads for models so they aren’t so reptitive

New Weapons

Rossi R92, MP133, AKS74U & Derringer Pistol. (M4 Drum Mag being worked on)

– Environment

Work continued on new Civilian buildings for North East Airfield (NEAF).

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