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See some of the places BI have tried to explain to people purchasing the game that’s it’s still in early development:


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    Why does’t anyone understand how hard it is to make a video game? Especially if you had a team of only 30 people, had to start from scratch, and the game is an online multiplayer game with intense graphics and in depth scripts with many actions/animations. Its not easy people, that’s why its in alpha!
    – Source: Common Sense

  • in a year from now when at the bugs still exist and the game still sucks, then can we bitch?

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    I understand its an alpha.I do have problems but all in all its an alright game and I know in the future its going to be an awesome game.

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    The game is awesome even in alpha, but can anyone do something about the hackers, they ruin the game tho…

  • Alpha doesnt mean it must have hack. Survive for hours for days and one hack user will kill you instantly. This is not a bug or not something that uncomplete this is just sucks…

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      You are going to find hackers in pretty much every online game out there these dayz. Unfortunately.. IMO, if you are using hacks, you basically are telling me that you really suck at DayZ. And must use hacks to make yourself “better” than your opponent. Same goes for the people who exploit glitches in DayZ.. But whatever.

      I’ve pretty much accepted the fact that hackers/glitchers/exploiters are not going to be stopped for the time being. Maybe down the road, when the game matures, better measures will be taken to rid DayZ of them.

      But back on topic.. Alpha. I knew exactly what I was getting myself into when I purchased DayZ Standalone. I very much expect there to be bugs, and I deal with it when I encounter them. I just hate it when people rage over getting killed or whatever due to a bug in the game. And these people who do complain and bitch about all the bugs, please go find something else to play until DayZ is in a more complete state. Been a DayZ player since the early mod dayz, and I will continue to support the DayZ project until it’s completion. It’s going to be a long ride on a VERY long road, and I plan on being there for all of it.

  • so you made a video to say the exact same thing that all fanboys say?

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    The alpha or beta product should always be free. That way you will get even more experts advice in forums. The dayz standalone should be free to all customers who bought the DAYZ mod.

    To devs: If you cant make the game stable, why riping of the people. You can’t expect the forum to make your game stable.

    I have no idea why people are so stupid these dayz. Kind of like they are hypnotized and filled with anger
    and ignorance.