Shared by TheVolatileGamer140 on August 15, 2014

Just a video showing you how to make the leather sack in DayZ Standalone. This was introduced in the 0.48 patch.
In order to make the leather sack there are two things you need:
– Some sort of range weapon to take down the Deer ( Have tried melee but the deer can easily out run you.
– A bladed object (Knife and Machete works wonders)
Here are the steps to make the leather sack –
– Locate a deer (They can usually be found around towns or open fields. Especially Bolata I found about three in that area.)
– Kill the deer
– Skin the Deer
– Drag the knife onto the pelt in the inventory menu and select the craft leather sack option.
I hope you guys found this video helpful.
There should be another video soon showing 0.48 off a bit more.
But until next time as always, stay safe.