Shared by Banana Duck on February 7, 2014

Good day to you all! I\’m here to share some of my most funniest moments in DayZ (obviously)
I\’ve been playing for a while now, and my games seem to be never dull at the minute!

I have a Distinct playstyle…

I\’m down right fucking weird, I never use to embrace it…but now as time has gone on people and have seemed to enjoy my videos, I felt it was time to branch out and spread the love to more people.

I have quite a few standalone DayZ videos up, I don\’t want to spam this site with all of them, so a view over my channel would be greatly appreciated. I\’m starting with my latest video where I befriended a large group of players using nothing more than wit and laughter, the whole event unfolded from going from… Prey>Stranger>weirdo>acquaintance>follower>friend>BFFS!

thanks in advance for any feedback on here an the tube of yous