Shared by BondyTV on April 11, 2015

This is how I make cinematics for my videos, enjoy.

COPY THIS COMMAND: player exec “camera.sqs”; showCinemaBorder false;

Step 1. Locate your DayZ Standalone game folder.
Step 2. Copy the addons folder.
Step 3. Locate your ARMA 3 game folder.
Step 4. Make a new map folder named ‘@chernarusplus’.
Step 5. Paste the DayZ addons folder in this new map folder.
Step 6. Launch ARMA 3 and enable the map under ‘Editor’.
Step 7. Open ARMA 3’s editor and place a trigger with the command above these instructions.
Step 8. Place a playable unit inside the triggers radius and then save the edit.
Step 9. Preview the edit and when in game press 0,0,1. Press the ‘L’ key to remove the white dot.
Step 10. Make cinematics.