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Hopefully this video has helped those who dislike Night time servers or just cant find day time servers. This tutorial will work around 90% of the time so if it doesnt work first try.. try a few times.. and it will work. Thanks alot for watching please.. please share this video around by hitting “Like” and “Share” and maybe even drop a Subscribe? its free 🙂 anyway.. enjoy, and have fun surviving.. Love panjno

How to find a Daytime Server on Dayz Standalone

  • 1: Go to “Change server
  • 2: Go to “Map & Version”
  • 3: Choose “Dayz_Auto” for daytime, or “DayZ_Auto” for night time
  • 4: Join a server following these rules


Dayz_Auto legend

  • Day time server = Dayz_Auto
  • Night time server = DayZ_Auto (with Z in uppercase)


Have fun 🙂

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