Shared by bambamgaming on May 15, 2015

Hi Guys It’s BamBam. Thanks for checking out my video. I was playing some Dayz Hardcore on a private server tonight with a few of my friends over at Pathfinders. There was me, Stoney, Bloub, Doc and Pixelaids. We had been playing for quiet a while without any real action and it was only near the very end that we had 2 very different encounters. The first one is a great example of why you should always try to be friendly in Dayz. Pixelaids bumps into a guy outside a Police station and starts chatting. Unknown to this chap our man was being backed up by 4 other team members. (Ready to go to war at the first sign of trouble). This guy chose to talk and was rewarded with food and a story to tell his grand kids lol . The second encounter however went completely the other way. Ok so the night was drawing to a close, 2 of our team had logged out leaving just ME Pixelaids and Bloub. We decided we’d raid the tower in the center of Novo before we called it a night. I don’t want to spoil the video for you …check it out to see what happens to survivors if they try to KOS a group of players.

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